It Works! ProPower – Max Pak


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Sip these powerful products designed to fuel you every day.

Power Hydrate, It Works! Power Protein, It Works! CollagenWorks™, It Works! Super Reds, and It Works! Superfood Smoothie+ are filled with over 30 grams of protein plus essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Use them day-to-day to support your active lifestyle and stay fueled and focused with hours of sustained energy.† This high-protein system will help you build and maintain lean muscle mass while staying hydrated and refreshed.†

1 Power Hydrate bag in Fruit Punch or Citrus Twist Flavor (15 total single-serve packets)
1 It Works! Power Protein bag in Vanilla Bliss Flavor (15 total servings)
1 It Works! Superfood Smoothie+ bag in Tropical Fruit or Chocolate Berry Flavor (14 total servings)
1 It Works! CollagenWorks™ bag in Tropical Crush Flavor (15 total servings)
1 It Works! Super Reds bag in Wild Cherry Flavor (30 total servings)