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Super meets skinny with this selection of nutrition-boosting products.

With Skinny Hydrate, It Works! Super Greens+, It Works! Superfood Smoothie+, and Skinny Cold Brew™, you can feel good about your daily dose of nutrition and weight-management benefits. This product combination is perfect for keeping convenient, nutritious, on-the-go snacks ready for your busy lifestyle. You’ll fill nutritional gaps, reduce cravings, and experience hours of sustained energy to make the most of each day!†

1 Skinny Hydrate bag in Cocomango or Summer Splash (15 total single-serve packets)
1 It Works! Super Greens+ On-the-go bag in Cocoa Dream or Superberry (15 total single-serve packets)
1 It Works! Superfood Smoothie+ bag in Chocolate Berry or Tropical Fruit Flavor (14 total servings)
1 Skinny Cold Brew™ bag (15 single-serve packets)