Frequently Asked Questions

What is It Works! ?

It Works! Is a debt-free network marketing company that offers healthy and nutritional products.

How do I become an It Works! distributor?

To join, visit the It Works! website (https://vibrantislife.itworks.com), choose a product package according to your personal preference. Set-up your personal information, auto ship and add your payment information.

How much does it cost to join It Works! ?

There is no sign up fee when you join It Works! but you need to buy the Basic Starter Kit that costs $99.

What do It Works products do?

It Works! products help with aging, daily skin care, live a healthy lifestyle, managing weight and boost energy. See more products here:  https://vibrantislife.itworks.com

Does It Works! Cleanse make you lose weight?

It Works! Cleanse, when supported with a healthy diet can be most effective. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat light, fresh, unprocessed food.

What are the best It Works! products?

It Works! best sellers products are It Works! Dr. Nassif Collection, It Works! Beauty Works, It Works! Super Greens and It Works! Super Reds on the Go Bundle. To see more best sellers, you can visit https://vibrantislife.itworks.com

How do the It Works Wraps work?

Works! Fab Wrap is made of soft, breathable, hypoallergenic foam.This self adhering Fab Wrap helps you see the greatest tightening, toning, and firming results!

When did It Works! start?

Founder and CEO Mark Pentecost was once just a high school math teacher and basketball coach along with his wife Cindy who was a stay-at-home mom with their three children long before he founded It Works! MLM company in 2001. Both devised a plan to earn $500 a month through a home-based business opportunity.

Does It Works! deliver to my country?

It Works! delivers to a total of 21 countries:

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States


What are the available shipping methods?

FOR USA ONLY (can be viewed during checkout)

US Standard (Estimated 5-10 days)
US Ground (Estimated 3-5 days)

Requires phone number to provide couriers in case of delivery options:
Expedited US 2Day (2 business days)
Expedited US Next Day (1 business day)

US Shipping Guidelines:
Expedited (US 2 day & US Next day) orders placed before 11:00 AM CST
(GMT-6) on a business day (Monday – Friday) will ship the same day.

Expedited (US 2 day & US Next day) orders placed after 11:00 AM
CST (GMT-6) will be shipped the following business day. (Monday –

Expedited (US 2 day & US Next day) orders placed after 11:00 AM
CST (GMT-6) on a Friday, and Expedited (US 2 day & US Next day)
orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will ship the next business day.

Please note: Expedited orders cannot deliver to APOs, HI, PR and
other US territories and are only delivered Monday thru Friday
(excluding holidays)

How can I track my order?

There are 2 types of courier options. Tracking will depend on the availability of the function from the logistics provider.

How do I request an exchange?

contact the customer support (World HQ FL, USA Phone: 786-706-1095,
Fax: 888-711-3760) on how you can get and submit your support ticket
within 30 days of delivery and specify which product you would like to
return and which products you would like to purchase in exchange.
(Source: https://itworks.com/contactus)

How do I request a refund?

To request refund, contact It Works! at https://itworks.com/contactus

You can receive your refund within thirty days of the ship date, and it must be unopened and/or in new condition. In addition, a traceable shipping method should be used, please note that It Works! will  not cover the shipping cost of returned product.

What is It Works! return policy?

an order will not automatically cancel your monthly autoshipment orders. It can only be cancelled through the customer’s online account at www.itworks.com by submitting a ticket or by dialing the local customer support number. All autoshipment changes must be completed at least two business days prior to the next auto shipment process date. If only a portion of a stocked package (several products grouped under one item name/number) is returned, the full value of the item(s) kept will be deducted from the refund on the return order and all bonus volume for the item returned will be deducted.

Are It Works! products all-natural?

Most of It Works! products are made of herbs, fruits, vegetable extracts, and essential oils which are all-natural ingredients.

Who owns It Works! ?

It Works! Multi Level Marketing company is owned by Mark Pentcost alongside his wife, Cindy Pentecost.

Are It Works! products vegan?

While It Works! is not a vegan product company, many of our products are vegan! If we can make one of our science-based, results-driven formulas vegan without impacting its quality or efficacy, we do. We know it's important to many of you, and we are thrilled to offer vegan products whenever possible.

Can I use multiple It Works! products at once?

It Works! products are designed to stand uniquely on their own and often complement other products to deliver even greater results. The suitability of any product combination is determined by individual needs and the product ingredients. We recommend you be mindful of what works for you, read the product label, and consider any ingredients that are present in multiple products, such as Caffeine.

Are It Works! products safe to use while pregnant and nursing?

Every product and individual is different. Before using any new product, we suggest that you consult your physician to find out if it's right for you.

Can my children use It Works! products?

We recommend It Works! products be used only by adults, 18 years and older.

Can I change the products included in my monthly Autoship?

Yes, you can make changes to the products included in your Autoship any time prior to your next ship date. 

What is the It Works! product warranty?

It Works! warranties products for 60 days after the ship date. Because we cannot control the environment in which the products are stored once they leave our facility, we cannot warranty products beyond this 60-day period.

How should I store my products?

 It Works! products should be stored according to the instructions on the packaging. This typically includes protecting your product from heat, light, and moisture.  

What are dietary supplements?

 Dietary supplements come in a variety of forms and contain active ingredients to drive beneficial effects for your body. Many supplements contain nutrients like vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and more. Please note that dietary supplements are not medications and should not substitute a healthy diet.

Why do I see this FDA statement on my product: "†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."?

This statement is required by law for US dietary supplements that make a structure/function claim about a nutrient or ingredient without involving formal FDA evaluation. As such, It Works! is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and truthfulness of these claims on our products. You will find all structure/function claims on It Works! products denoted with a “†" symbol. 

Are all It Works! products Non-GMO?

Yes! It Works! takes great care and diligence to formulate our food and consumable products without ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The majority of the ingredients used in our products are not available as GMOs.

Do It Works! products contain artificial colors or flavors?

You will not find any artificial colors, flavors, or even sweeteners in It Works! product formulas. Our products are enhanced with natural sweeteners when possible to deliver you the best experience. 

Are It Works! products gluten-free?

It Works! products are formulated with only gluten-free ingredients. They're not currently tested for gluten that may or may not be introduced during the manufacturing process.

Why do some It Works! products contain preservatives?

It Works! avoids the use of preservatives in our consumable products whenever possible. Each formulation is reviewed by scientific experts, and preservatives may be used if there is any risk of microbial contamination during a product's shelf-life. Product safety is our highest priority, and our products undergo rigorous review by scientific experts and safety assessors to protect our consumers and comply with the necessary regulations and laws.

Are It Works! skincare products made for daily use?

It Works! skincare products are formulated for everyday use, providing progressive results with continued use. Before using any product, please reference specific directions for use and any cautions that may pertain to you.

Who is Dr. Nassif, as referenced on some beauty products?

Paul Nassif, MD is a renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, beauty expert, and television star from the show Botched. It Works! is excited to collaborate with Dr. Nassif, formulating a niche collection of targeted skincare products. Each product in the exclusive collection includes an It Works! / Dr. Nassif reference on the label.

Why do some It Works! cosmetics contain preservatives?

Preservatives may be found in cosmetics to reduce any risk of microbial contamination while the product is being used. This also ensures that the product remains suitable and safe for use during its shelf-life. Product safety is our highest priority, and our cosmetic products undergo rigorous review by scientific experts and safety assessors to protect our consumers and comply with the necessary regulations and laws.