14 Easy – Gut Reset


Reset and reach your goals from the inside out.

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Reset and reach your goals from the inside out.

Say “hello” to skinny gut health with this simple, four-step system! Your gut health and digestion are the keys to reaching and maintaining an optimal weight, and this pack provides everything you to need to meet your goals. Kickstart your results and reboot your digestive system with IT WORKS Cleanse®, then start each morning with Skinny Cold Brew™ for the power of probiotics and fat-burning!† Swap one meal a day for IT WORKS! Superfood Shake+ (up to 2 meals if you have big goals!) and drink IT WORKS! Simply Aloe to help with daily digestion and nutrient absorption.†

After just 1 day, you’ll rebalance your system and experience less belly bloating.†
Boost your metabolism and energize your body to burn calories and body fat†
Fight hunger and reduce empty-calorie snacking†
Support healthy digestion and nutrient absorption†


1 IT WORKS! Cleanse® box (4 bottles – 4 fl. oz. each)
1 Skinny Cold Brew™ bag (15 single-serve packets)
1 IT WORKS! Superfood Shake+ bag in Classic Cocoa or Dulce De Leche (15 total servings)
1 IT WORKS! Simply Aloe bottle (1 bottle – 15.2 fl. oz.)