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Tighten and Tone With It Works! Wraps + Defining Gel

It Works! Defining Gel Boost your results of firming, constricting, and toning with this deeply moisturizing body contouring gel that improves skin texture and tightness, redefines the appearance of your body’s contours and softens and hydrates the skin.  It Works! Defining Gel can assist in smoothing out and toning the texture of the skin,while addressing […]

It Works! Wraps – Does It Work and Is It Effective

About It Works! Skinny Wraps It Works! Skinny Wrap the next time you need to fit into a little black dress or expose your arms in a sleeveless top for a dramatically firmer, smoother, and more contoured appearance. It is effective on specific areas below the neck that require tightening and toning, such as the […]

It Works! SLMR – What it is and what it does

About It Works! SLMR WHAT IF APPETITE CONTROL CAME IN A CAPSULE? Introducing a revolutionary new way to help your brain and body work together to control your appetite, lose weight, and keep your energy metabolism in check.† It Works! SLMR is the newest dietary supplement from IT WORKS!, featuring clinically tested Dyglomera® to help you […]