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It Works! Just Celery Review

It Works Just Celery

It Works! Just Celery

All celery. All the benefits.

Every morning is a celery-bration with It Works! Just Celery stalk powder. Making it simple to support your nutrition objectives. Consume celery first thing in the morning to assist in hydrating and purifying your system, enhancing digestive wellness, and revitalizing your routine with essential minerals, electrolytes, and polyphenol antioxidants.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple celery sourced from clean, organic celery
  • Comes in a convenient powder form—no mess, no juicer required!
  • Assists in maintaining proper nutrition, hydration, and a healthy digestive system
  • Celery flavor is light and natural, with 1 g net carbohydrates and no preservatives.
  • Non-GMO, Keto-Friendly, and Free of Synthetic Colors and Flavors
  • Vegan, soy-free

It Works! Just Celery Ingredients

Celery Stalk Powder :

It Works! Just Celery contains antioxidants that guard against oxidative damage to cells, blood vessels, and organs.

It Works! Just Celery includes vitamin C, beta carotene, and flavonoids, but it also contains at least 12 more antioxidant elements. Additionally, it has an abundance of phytonutrients, which have been demonstrated to reduce inflammation in the digestive tract, cells, blood vessels, and organs.

Celery Stalk Powder Benefits :

  • Provides great source of antioxidants
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Supports digestion
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Stimulates alkalizing effects to provide minerals

It Works! Just Celery FAQ

Why should I use It Works! Just Celery?

Want to experience the benefits of drinking celery without any mess? It Works! Just Celery is perfect for supporting happy, healthy living without the hassle or short shelf-life of traditional juicing. Because it’s sourced from organic celery, it’s also a cleaner alternative to what you’ll find at the grocery store. It Works! Just Celery supports hydration while its phytonutrients benefit your physical health and digestion.† It also supplies various essential minerals, electrolytes, and polyphenol antioxidants to help make your nutrition next-level.

How and when should I use It Works! Just Celery?

Start every morning with a nutritious burst of organic celery power! It Works! Just Celery should be consumed first thing each morning on an empty
stomach to take full advantage of its benefits. To use it, simply mix a scoop into 8 oz. of cold water and enjoy every sip. Feel free to adjust its flavor by adding more or less water until you find your favorite celery taste.

What is the key, active ingredient in It Works! Just Celery?

It Works! Just Celery has a simple, straightforward formula with organic celery stalk powder. Sourced from clean, organic celery, it has no preservatives and supplies your body with a variety of bioactive phytonutrients.

What flavor is It Works! Just Celery?

It Works! Just Celery contains no added flavors—it has a mild, natural, celery taste.

Does It Works! Just Celery contain gluten?

It Works! Just Celery is created with only gluten-free ingredients. It is not currently tested to detect gluten that may or may not be introduced during the manufacturing process.

Can I give It Works! Just Celery to my children?

It Works! Just Celery is recommended only for adults ages 18 years and older.

Can I use It Works! Just Celery if I am pregnant, nursing, or have ongoing medical conditions?

Before using any new product, we suggest you consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have ongoing medical conditions.