14 Easy – Skinny Nutrition


Meet your perfect pack—where nutrition meets skinny.

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Meet your perfect pack—where nutrition meets skinny.

Feel good about what goes into your body and get your daily dose of nutrition with weight-control benefits! This simple, four-step system is perfect for anyone who is always on-the-go and needs a way to reach their goals without counting every calorie. Swap one meal a day for IT WORKS! Superfood Shake+ (up to 2 meals if you have big goals!) and replace your daily multivitamin with IT WORKS! Super Greens+ for everyday nutrition. Sip Skinny Hydrate to help support your daily hydration and boost your metabolism and drink IT WORKS! Simply Aloe to help with daily digestion and nutrient absorption.†

Stay hydrated, boost your metabolism, and burn fat†
Fill nutritional gaps and replace the need for a daily multivitamin
Fight hunger cravings and stay fuller longer†


1 Skinny Hydrate bag in Summer Splash or Cocomango (15 single-serve packets)
1 IT WORKS! Superfood Shake+ bag in Classic Cocoa or Dulce De Leche (15 total servings)
1 IT WORKS! Super Greens+ bag in Cocoa or Superberry (15 total servings)
1 IT WORKS! Simply Aloe bottle (1 bottle – 15.2 fl. oz.)