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It Works! Carb Control Review

It Works Carb Control

It Works! Carb Control

What is It Works! Carb Control?

It Works! Carb Control alters the body’s digestion and absorption of carbohydrate by reducing the amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the body.  It Works! Carb Control prevents absorption of carbohydrate by blocking the enzymes

InSea2 optimizes glucose levels. This combination comprises seaweed extract, a material high in antioxidants and soluble fiber. In addition, it slows the digestive process.

A slower digestion process prevents an increase in blood sugar after a meal. You will not need to worry about your insulin levels growing and developing insulin resistance if your blood sugar level is stable.

How do Carb Blockers work?

Carb blockers, commonly referred to as starch blockers, hinder the enzymes (alpha-amylase inhibitors) necessary for the digestion of particular carbohydrates.  Carb blockers, often known as starch blockers, inhibit the enzymes required to digest specific carbohydrates.

Carb blockers simply halt the digestion of a part of the carbohydrates you consume. At best, they seem to inhibit 50–65 % of carbohydrate-digesting enzymes (1).

It is important to note that blocking these enzymes does not always block the same proportion of carbohydrates.

Even while a powerful carb blocker inhibited 97% of the enzymes, it only stopped 7% of the carbs from being absorbed, according to one study (2).

About It Works! Carb Control

It Works! Carb Control will provide you peace of mind as you eat.  It Works! Carb Control contains clinically studied ingredients that have been proven to assist in weight loss.  It Works!  Carb Control helps to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates on the body to reduce fat buildup.   It starts working instantly, so you can worry less about hidden sugars and carbohydrates in food and give yourself a break. It also helps maintain blood-sugar balance, maintaining your blood-glucose levels at a healthy range.   Enjoy a treat and forget about carbohydrate problems with It Works! Carb Control.

Benefits of It Works! Carb Control :

  • Slows and regulates the body’s sugar and carbohydrate digestion from the first use
  • Reduces the beginning of carbohydrate-induced fat accumulation and weight gain
  • Replaces carbohydrate-induced peaks and valleys with slower, more balanced glucose absorption and steady energy
  • Contains marine-sourced, organically certified InSea2®, which has been clinically proved to regulate the body’s response to carbohydrates.
  • Ideal for Keto fans and those watching their carb intake
  • Non-GMO, No Synthetic Colors or Flavors, Keto-Friendly, Soy-Free, Vegan


It Works! Carb Control Ingredients

InSea2 (130mg) (130mg). This component is a unique combination of seaweed and white kidney bean extracts. It employs two varieties of brown seaweed containing fewer than 20% polyphenols. These are two types of seaweed: Fucus vesiculosus and Ascophyllum nodosum.

Cinnamon bark (70mg). Cinnamon bark is the bark that cinnamon trees produce.

Active Ingredients :

 InSea2 – Clinically shown to slow carb-to-glucose conversion; harvested by hand and organically certified from wild brown seaweed.

  • Cinnamon bark extract stimulates cellular support for appropriate blood glucose levels
  • White kidney bean extract – Alpha-amylase enzyme inhibitors that help limit the conversion of carbs to sugars, delaying carb absorption
  • Chromium – An vital trace mineral that helps maintain healthy blood-sugar levels* and reduce glycemic stress


InSea2 is the only natural substance having an effect on the two enzymes responsible for converting dietary carbs into glucose. In addition to providing long-term benefits for glycemic health, this dual action can lower glycemic stress by as much as 48.3% upon first use.

Benefits of InSea2

Clinical trials conducted with InSea2 have demonstrated a vast array of health advantages such as (5):

  • Maintains safe blood glucose levels
  • Reduces the glycemic index of foods consumed
  • Maintains mental clarity following meals
  • Maintains glycemic health Facilitates weight control
  • Supports thyroid function with a regulated amount of organic vegetable iodine


Cinnamon Bark

According to research, cinnamon possesses antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects which help the body to defend against oxidative damage brought on by free radicals (6).

Polyphenols and other strong antioxidants are abundant in cinnamon (7).  They can work as antioxidants, meaning they can neutralize dangerous free radicals that would otherwise damage your cells and increase your risk of cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (8).

Polyphenols may help reduce inflammation, which is believed to be the fundamental cause of numerous chronic diseases (9 , 10).


Whit Kidney Bean Extract 

The extract inhibits alpha-amylase, the enzyme utilized by the body to break down carbohydrates. Stopping the enzyme hinders the digestion and absorption of foods containing starch (1).

It is believed that white kidney bean extract offers a variety of health benefits, including weight loss, hunger control, and a reduction in belly fat.

There is some evidence, according to the Office of Dietary Supplements, that white kidney bean extract may aid in weight loss and fat reduction.

A review published in Nutrients in 2020 examined the evidence supporting claims that white kidney bean extract can aid in weight loss. The authors of this study indicated that the dietary supplement may produce modest weight loss of approximately 5 pounds over a period of 30 to 90 days. In addition, they discovered that the supplement was most effective when paired with a high-carbohydrate diet (2). 

A 2020 clinical research published in Food Science and Nutrition indicated that supplementation with white kidney bean extract promoted more weight loss than placebo in a group of obese persons (3).

In this study, participants were given 2,400 milligrams of white kidney bean extract before each meal or a placebo for 35 days. The supplement group lost approximately 5 pounds after 35 days, while the placebo group lost approximately 1 pound (3).

It Works! Carb Control FAQ

How does It Works! Carb Control Work?

It Works! Carb Control modifies how the body digests and absorbs carbohydrates. It decreases the quantity of carbohydrates your body absorbs and stores as fat cells.

InSea2 optimizes glucose levels. This combination contains seaweed extract, an anti-oxidant- and soluble fiber-rich substance. Additionally, it slows down digestion.

A slower digestive process prevents a post-meal increase in blood sugar. With a constant blood sugar level, you will not need to be concerned about your insulin levels rising and developing insulin resistance.

Since your body absorbs carbohydrates and energy at a slower rate, you will not experience a blood sugar drop following the initial spike.

In addition, InSea2 contains extract of white kidney bean. The white kidney bean includes three distinct types of alpha-amylase inhibitors. These digestive enzymes lack the essential components to bind to carbohydrate cells. It indicates that the body will absorb fewer carbohydrates during digestion and accumulate less fat.

How and when should I use It Works! Carb Control?

It Works! Carb Control helps catch hidden carbs in your food and drinks before they’re absorbed into your body. There’s no waiting period—it works immediately, every time. It’s best to incorporate It Works! Carb Control into your daily routine, so keep it handy around mealtimes. Take one caplet about 30 minutes before a meal or snack with moderate carbs (sugars or starches). If your meal is expected to be carb-heavy, take two caplets, but do not exceed two per day. It Works! Carb Control must be taken prior to eating to catch carbs before they hit your bloodstream.† It isn’t effective if taken directly with food or after eating.

What are some of the key, active ingredients in It Works! Carb Control?
Some of the active ingredients include:
InSea2 – Harvested by hand and organically certified from wild, brown seaweed, it’s clinically proven to slow carb-to-glucose conversion†
Cinnamon bark extract – Activates cellular support of healthy blood-glucose levels†
White kidney bean extract – Alpha-amylase enzyme inhibitors that help block the breakdown of carbs to sugars, delaying carb absorption†
Chromium – An essential trace mineral that helps maintain healthy blood-sugar levels* and reduce glycemic stress†

What are carbs and how can It Works! Carb Control help me?
Carbohydrates are everywhere—not just in your pasta. They’re hidden in everyday foods and drinks, and they give you cravings. Have you ever eaten a bag of chips,
felt temporarily satisfied, yet found yourself hungry, agitated, and low on energy again just a few hours later?

That’s a glycemic stress cycle fueled by carbs. Carbs spike your blood sugar, forcing your body to overreact with an insulin surge that tries to push circulating
glucose into cells. That excess glucose must go somewhere, and in many cases, it ultimately converts to body fat and weight gain.

It Works! Carb Control works to minimize glycemic stress.† Each powerful caplet, with clinically proven InSea2®, slows carb digestion and absorption in your body to lessen blood-sugar spikes.†* You’ll experience more, balanced energy and less carb-induced body fat as a result.†*

How should I eat while using It Works! Carb Control?
You’ll experience optimal results by combining It Works! Carb Control with a healthy diet that’s not regularly heavy with carbs. This product optimizes a
healthy diet in which some carbs can still slip through. It also helps with an occasional indulgence!

Does It Works! Carb Control contain gluten?
It Works! Carb Control is formulated with only gluten-free ingredients. It is not currently tested for gluten that may or may not be introduced during the manufacturing process.

Can I give It Works! Carb Control to my children?
It Works! Carb Control is recommended only for adults ages 18 years and older. Can I use It Works! Carb Control if I am pregnant, nursing, or have ongoing medical conditions?
If you are pregnant, nursing, or have an ongoing medical condition, we suggest that you consult your physician to find out if It Works! Carb Control is right for you.