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It Works! ThermoFight X Review

IWorks ThermoFight X

It Works! ThermoFightX

It Works! ThermoFight X is intended to increase your metabolism and burn fat. The formula of ThermoFightX comprises Caffeine and Jalapeno Pepper to promote optimal fat burning via thermogenesis and enhanced metabolism. It Works! ThermoFight X contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients to accomplish an average weight loss of 31 pounds in 90 days (1)!


What is ThermoFightX?

It Works! ThermoFight X is a fat-burning product that contains scientifically proven ingredients to boost metabolism, improve energy, promote fat loss and weight loss as well as providing energy you need to stay active throughout the day.  This potent mix is loaded with active components, such as green tea extract with Greenselect® Phytosome, that increase metabolism, trigger thermogenesis, accelerate ketosis, and burn fat!


ThermoFightX Advantages

  • Activates improved thermogenesis and energizes you
  • Accelerates ketosis by promoting the fast production of ketones
  • Includes potent components such as Green Coffee Bean, Chromium, Jalapeno Pepper, and enhanced Caffeine levels.

It Works! ThermoFight X  contains cutting-edge ingredients to support thermogenesis and weight management, such as:

  • Caffeine – An energy driver that helps release fatty acids and boost your metabolic rate
  • Chromium – A blood glucose balancer that helps keep sugar cravings under control
  • EGCG – A thermogenic catalyst that accelerates fat-burning

It Works! ThermoFightX Ingredients 

It Works! ThermoFight X is designed with weight loss ingredients such as Green Tea extracts, including Greenselect® Phytosome, Jalapeno Pepper, Black Pepper, Ginger, Cinnamon and Cayenne pepper which have been clinically demonstrated to result in an average weight loss of 31 pounds over 90 days*(1).


Green tea has traditionally been associated with reduced body fat due to its ability to increase energy expenditure and calorie consumption. Increased thermogenesis, which is the creation of body heat through fat oxidation, is responsible for these favorable effects (2).

Greenselect® Phytosome bolsters the concept of the antioxidant power derived from green tea, which is substantiated by two independent human studies, demonstrating its positive effects on weight management and overall health connected with a healthy diet. Greenselect® Phytosome is a unique, highly standardized catechin extract derived from green tea and developed with the Phytosome delivery technology.


The Proprietary Thermogenic Blend is the driving force behind It Works! ThermoFight X operates within the body. The 75mg mixture contains:

Jalapeno pepper :

Jalapeos may aid in weight loss by stimulating metabolism, increasing fat burning, and suppressing hunger (6).

Several studies have shown that capsaicin and other similar substances known as capsaicinoids can increase the metabolic rate by 4–5% per day, making it possibly simpler to lose weight (7, 8).

In addition to increasing metabolism, capsaicinoid pills have been demonstrated to lower belly fat and hunger by 50–75 calories daily (6, 9, 10).

Regular use of chili peppers is connected with a greatly reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese over time (11).

Black pepper :

Black pepper includes piperine, a substance that improves metabolic function and reduces fat storage in the body. Additionally, the spice raises the content of healthy cholesterol.

This spherical spice is a thermogenic food, which helps to increase metabolic rate and calorie expenditure.

Ginger :

Ginger has been studied for its weight loss properties as Ginger has been shown to decreases inflammation, stimulates digestion, and suppresses your appetite. These properties lead some people to believe that ginger may promote weight loss(12).  Some convincing evidence to support the efficacy of ginger in obesity management.” Ginger affects how your body burns fat (thermogenesis), digests carbohydrates and uses insulin. Scientists suggest ginger also inhibits how much fat your gut absorbs and controls appetite. 

Cinnamon :

Recent research suggests there may be some truth to the long-held belief that drinking cinnamon water will aid in weight loss. Cinnamon water stimulates the metabolism and aids fat loss. According to one study, cinnamon increases thermogenesis (the body’s creation of heat) by up to 20%, which aids in calorie burning. Cinnamon is also known to lower appetite and cravings, aiding in the management of inappropriate food consumption. Lastly, cinnamon water facilitates the digestion of fats and carbs, avoiding the storage of these nutrients as body fat. Cinnamon water can be useful for weight loss when accompanied with a good diet and regular exercise(14).

Cayenne pepper :

Cayenne pepper may contribute to weight loss as clincial studies have shown that Cayenne pepper can suppress appetite, accelerate metabolism, and aid in calorie burning.

Capsaicin is the primary active component in cayenne pepper and according to researchers, capsaicin is a thermogenic molecule that may assist in accelerating the metabolism and suppressing the appetite.

A 2014 study shown that individuals who consumed red pepper with every meal felt fuller and had fewer cravings. The results of the study indicate that adding capsaicin to your diet can reduce your appetite. This can result in a reduction in caloric intake and an acceleration of weight loss.

Anonther 2003 study revealed that after consuming fresh chili pepper, women’s metabolic rate increased for up to 30 minutes. The rate at which your body turns food and liquids into energy is influenced by your metabolic rate. When your metabolism is accelerated, your body is more likely to transform nutrients into energy rather than store them as fat.

How does ThermoFightX Work?

It Works! ThermoFight X is a 90 day weight loss supplement that contains clinically proven weight loss ingredients designed to achieve an average weight loss of 31 pounds in 90 days (1). Here is how it operates.

It Works! ThermoFight X  has over ten active components that, when combined with regular exercise and adequate hydration, can activate your body’s natural fat-burning mechanisms and assist you in achieving your ideal weight within 90 days of constant use.  These substances can be categorized into three primary groups: minerals, proprietary green tea blend, and proprietary thermogenic blend.

It Works! ThermoFight X is primarily enhanced by the thermogenic metabolism to achieve  weight reduction. 

What is Thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis is the natural metabolic process that your body employs to burn fat, also known as stored calories. During this process, specialized fat cells transform fat deposited throughout the body into heat. By increasing your thermogenic rate, you can increase your fat metabolism (or calorie burn) to help you lose weight by burning more stored energy!


What is Thermogenic Metabolism?

According to the Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition, thermogenesis is the metabolic process of producing heat as a consequence of digestion. It is the body’s natural technique of compensating for an overabundance of nutrients; your body temperature rises when some of the energy stored in fat cells is digested. Thermogenic weight loss is effective because it stimulates this reaction.

Capsaicin is one of the primary thermogenic ingredients found in weight loss products. Capsaicin is a carbon, hydrogen, and nitrate-based molecule. It is present in the majority of chili peppers and bonds with the neurotransmitters that give pain signals to the brain, generating a burning sensation when consumed.

According to a 2017 double-blind study, capsaicin administered in pill form increases oxygen consumption and body temperature, resulting in an increase in energy expenditure and considerable weight loss in a matter of weeks.


It Works! ThermoFight X FAQ

How and when should I take ThermoFight Xˣ?

It’s easy to incorporate ThermoFight Xx into your healthy routine to start seeing the benefits! Twice a day, take one caplet with food to kickstart its thermogenic effects. Because you’re taking the caplets at two different times, your body can maintain the product’s powerful effects throughout your day. ThermoFight Xx works best with a reduced-calorie diet and an active lifestyle. It is ideal to use continuously for 90 days.

Why should I take ThermoFight Xˣ?

By taking just two caplets each day, ThermoFight Xx provides a simple, convenient way to help you lose weight through fat-burning thermogenesis! This premium formula includes powerful Green Tea extracts—including Greenselect® Phytosome—with clinically proven weight-loss results that average 31 pounds over 90 days.* Plus, our best-selling formula contains Caffeine and Jalapeño Pepper to help you achieve and maintain your weight-loss goals.

What are some other, active ingredients in ThermoFight Xˣ?

ThermoFight Xx contains cutting-edge ingredients to support thermogenesis and weight management, such as:

  • Caffeine – An energy driver that helps release fatty acids and boost your metabolic rate
  • Chromium – A blood glucose balancer that helps keep sugar cravings under control
  • EGCG – A thermogenic catalyst that accelerates fat-burning
What is thermogenesis?

Thermogenesis is the natural metabolic process your body uses to burn stored calories, a.k.a. fat! During this process, specialized fat cells convert the stored fat around your body and release it as heat. By powering up your thermogenic rate, you can boost your fat metabolism (or calorie burn) to aid weight loss by burning more stored energy!

Does this product contain gluten?

This product is formulated with only gluten-free ingredients. It is not currently tested for gluten that may or may not be introduced during the manufacturing process.

Can I use ThermoFight Xˣ if I am pregnant, nursing, or have ongoing medical conditions?

Before using any new product, we suggest that you consult your physician to find out if it is right for you. This product is not recommended for children, adolescents, or pregnant or breast-feeding women. Not recommended for those sensitive to caffeine.

Can I give this product to my children?

This product is recommended only for adults ages 18 years and older.