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It Works Repair Ageless Night Cream Review

It Works Repair Ageless Night Cream

It Works! Repair


With skin that has been restored, you may sleep soundly. zzzZZZ…

Did you know that the moisture in your skin is frequently lost as you sleep? You can relax knowing that your skin will be nourished and regenerated with It Works! Repair. It Works! is formulated with Bakuchiol, a potent antioxidant and natural alternative to synthetic Retinol. Repair helps restore and repair your skin’s hydration while smoothing and decreasing the appearance of fine lines, expression lines, and wrinkles while you sleep.

  • Assists in the creation of a more even skin tone, texture and appearance
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated                                                             
  • Reduces the appearance of dull skin
  • Bakuchiol, a all natural herbal alternative to synthetic Retinol

About It Works! Repair

Uses Suggestions:

Before you sleep, gently massage It Works! Repair to your face to revitalize the appearance of your skin by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Add a tiny amount of It Works! to your face and neck for optimum benefits and to help restore youthfulness back to your skin.

It Works! Repair Clinical Study:

  • *Clinical study on >20 women during a 3-week period using It Works! Repair Ageless Night Cream under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist.
  • In a clinical study, 82 percent of the participants reported that their skin was more moisturized and less dry after using the product.
  • 73% of subjects observed an increase in their skin’s radiance.*

It Works! Repair Ingredients:

Gotu Kola :

Gotu kola is a staple in traditional Chinese, Indonesian, and Ayurvedic medicine, and is known as the “herb of longevity.”
Some research seem to back up practitioners’ claims that the medicinal plant can improve brainpower, cure skin ailments, and promote liver and kidney health.

Bakuchiol :

“Bakuchiol is obtained from the seeds of the babchi plant, Psoralea corylifolia.”
For ages, it’s been discovered in Ayurveda and Eastern medicine, but more recently it has been applied to skincare and cosmetics to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Bakuchiol is considered a natural alternative to a retinoid, and it may activate similar pathways to boost collagen production resulting in improved skin appearance and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, says S. Tyler Hollmig, MD, a board-certified dermatologist

Bakuchiol vs Retinol :

According to a 2013 review, gotu kola can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It’s thought that the terpenoids found in gotu kola increase collagen production in the body. This may help prevent new stretch marks from forming, as well as help heal any existing marks. It also appears to boost collagen formation, which assists in keeping skin, hair, nails, teeth and joints healthy.

According to S. Tyler Hollmig, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and the director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at the University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, bakuchiol is a natural alternative to retinoids and may activate similar pathways to enhance collagen formation.
“While further research is needed, I believe bakuchiol could improve skin tone and texture in the same way as over-the-counter retinoids do.”

Because they stimulate skin cell turnover, topical retinoids are beneficial in smoothing wrinkles and brightening skin. Burning, stinging, peeling, redness, and dryness are all possible adverse effects.

However, according to previous study, bakuchiol does not appear to have the same adverse effects as retinoids.

According to a more recent study, bakuchiol is often less irritating and may have a lower risk of adverse effects including redness or flaking.

Bakuchiol may be a safer option to retinol for people who have acne, hyperpigmentation, or sensitive skin because it can help rejuvenate collagen and improve skin tone and texture.

It Works! Repair FAQ

Why should I add It Works! Repair to my skincare routine?

It Works! Repair contains Bakuchiol, an herbal alternative to Retinol that helps slow the effects of aging for your skin with fewer of the harsh side effects than synthetic Retinols, like sun sensitivity, dryness, and redness. It Works! Repair also helps rejuvenate and nourish your skin at night with a burst of hydration, so you’ll wake up to smooth, renewed, moisturized skin with an even appearance and texture.

What are some of the key, active ingredients in It Works! Repair?

Some of the key ingredients in It Works! Repair include:
• Bakuchiol – A green, herbal alternative to synthetic Retinols that preserves radiant, youthful-looking skin while balancing its tone and complexion. Bakuchiol helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Gotu Kola – Helps rejuvenate your skin overnight

When and how do I use It Works! Repair?

It Works! Repair should be applied as part of your evening skincare routine. After washing your face with It Works! Refresh, apply a pea-sized amount of It Works! Repair for nightly rejuvenation. Beautifying botanicals help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while evening your skin’s appearance and texture, leaving your skin feeling smooth and renewed. Complete your nightly skincare routine with It Works! Radiance for extra, overnight hydration.

Is It Works! Repair formulated for a specific skin type?

It Works! Repair is suitable for most skin types and is perfect for both men and women. Anyone can add It Works! Repair to their skincare routine, but we recommend avoiding using the product on sunburned, damaged, broken, or sensitive skin.

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